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Bioeconomy SA Portal
Bioeconomy SA Portal

Video profiles

Members are encouraged to upload relevant organisational and/or personal video profiles, elaborating on their organisational/personal profiles, here. Videos are organised according to the five functional areas as defined in the functional ecosystem, please ensure you upload it to the correct section.

Members can upload resources here.

Research & Development


Mzansi Meat Co. is an early stage biotech startup with a love for cultivated meat. Protein accessibility, environmental sustainability, animal welfare - these are a few focus areas which inspire solution in the form of cultivated meat. The founding team brings together a unique mix of expertise from Cellular Agriculture, Business Operations, Animal Advocacy and Molecular & Cell Biology.
The Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) is a world-class research and post-graduate training institute at the University of Pretoria, focusing on Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology. FABI was established in 1997 and is located on the University of Pretoria campus. The goal of the institute is to help the development of novel food and fibre crops, that will clearly contribute to global economic development and food security.
Specialised Services


BioCiTi Labs Manager, Anesu Moyo, shares all about what the organisation does.
Policy & Regulation


The International Society for Biosafety Research, ISBR aims to promote scientifically sound research that supports biosafety assessment by improving communication among scientists who study plants, animals, and microbes using modern biotechnology.

ISBR President, Dr. Joe Smith and Publications Chair, Karen Hokanson give insights on #ISBR2022.


Watch the Technology Innovation Agency ABIPP unit share more on their role in the bioeconomy.