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Title Company Sector
Health Innovation consulting Health
Service Search
Medical Science Graduate UkznHealth
I produce medical devicesAltis biologicsHealth
Researching use of bagasse for 3D printingIndola Fairview AssociationAgriculturehttps://Http:/
Microbiology Oncolab DiagnosticsHealth
Present (South) African botanical content & rawsAfrinaturalHealth, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Cross-sectorial
Help international buyers to find what they requirAfrinaturalHealth, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Cross-sectorial
Bulk Supplier of Natural African Botanicals/OilsAfrinatural Phytomedicine CCCross-sectorial
Advisory service to the Minister National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI) Health, Agriculture, Industry & Environment, Indigenous Knowledge Systems
• Anaerobic Digestion-Biogas/ Bio-hydrogenBoom OrganixIndustry & Environment
• BiodieselBoom OrganixIndustry & Environment
• Biomaterials and other value productsBoom OrganixIndustry & Environment
• Integrated biorefineriesBoom OrganixIndustry & Environment
• Compositional and structural analysis of biomassBoom OrganixIndustry & Environment
• Liquid biofuel analysisBoom OrganixIndustry & Environment
• Bio-energy Policy research and analysisBoom OrganixIndustry & Environment
Drug Discovery Screening ServicesUniversity of Cape TownHealth
bioremediation of water and contaminated soil eVantage / Radicle GroupsHealth, Agriculture, Industry & Environment
repurposing of organic waste for new productseVantage / Radicle GroupsHealth, Agriculture, Industry & Environment
biochar for soil & animal health, water treatment eVantage / Radicle GroupsHealth, Agriculture, Industry & Environment
carbon soil sequestrationeVantage / Radicle GroupsHealth, Agriculture, Industry & Environment