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Bioeconomy SA Portal
Bioeconomy SA Portal


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Title Company Sector
Health Innovation consulting Health
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Spiral Ecosystem DevelopmentAgriG8 Foundation NPCAgriculture, Industry & Environment
Systems Developed for the Sugar IndustrySouth African Sugar AssociationAgriculture, Industry & Environment
Biogas technologyRenew Technologies (Pty) LtdAgriculture, Industry & Environment, Cross-sectorial
Carbon emission consultationRenew Technologies (Pty) LtdAgriculture, Industry & Environment, Cross-sectorial
Enviro sustainability/carbon footprint assessmentsTwinstreams Indigenous NurseryAgriculture, Industry & Environment, Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Operation & MaintenanceMBB Consulting EngineersAgriculture
Engineering - Agricultural, Civil & WaterMBB Consulting EngineersAgriculture
Environmental ServicesMBB Consulting EngineersAgriculture
Irrigation EngineeringMBB Consulting EngineersAgriculture
Agro-IndustrialMBB Consulting EngineersAgriculture
Dams & ReservoirsMBB Consulting EngineersAgriculture
I offer or service patients or clients in need of Philisane Naturopathic Health
contacts to bioeconomy, circular econ in NetherlanNetherlands Enterprise AgencyIndustry & Environment
contacts bioenergy, matchmakingNetherlands Enterprise AgencyIndustry & Environment
biobased and circular policiesNetherlands Enterprise AgencyIndustry & Environment
Business Acceleration and FundingBranson Centre of EntrepreneurshipAgriculture, Industry & Environment
Custom antibody developmentIgagasi Biotech (Pty) LtdHealthhttps://under construction
Recombinant antibody developmentIgagasi Biotech (Pty) LtdHealthhttps://under construction
Custom recombinant protein/antigen developmentIgagasi Biotech (Pty) LtdHealthhttps://under construction
Manufacturing of antibodiesIgagasi Biotech (Pty) LtdHealthhttps://under construction