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Sinazo Zingani curriculum vitae


Dear Prospective Employer 

I am a second-year Master of Science in  Microbiology candidate at Nelson Mandela University.

I’ve obtained a BSc in Medical Bioscience degree at the University of the Western Cape followed by BMedSc Honours in Medical Microbiology and Virology at the University of the Free State.

I have 10 months of microbiology internships experience at the Agricultural Research Council (ARC). This afforded me the opportunity to work in a team and independently depending on the task at hand.  It further developed my interest in research which motivated me to pursue my postgraduate studies.

My postgraduate studies have greatly influenced my work ethic in meeting deadlines, improved my trouble-shooting skills,technical writing skills and helped me acquire necessary research laboratory skills such as PCR,qPCR,DNA/RNA Extraction,culture techniques, gel electrophoresis and microscopy.

During my MSc degree I have also been working part-time as a Lecturing assistant in Microbiology which involved preparation of Third-Year Microbiology practicals which has further improved my laboratory skills.

I am seeking an opportunity to apply and utilise  my knowledge, skills and abilities. I would like to collaborate and work within the public sector and institutions like NHLS,NICD,SAMRC,WITSHEALTH,NRF and CSIR. 


Post-graduate student
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