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A brief guide to doing business in South Africa South African business, South African law This guide provides answers to questions that are frequently asked by South African business people and foreign investors with an interest in South Africa. It gives a broad overview of the legislative regime applicable to business in the country. It has been prepared by a team of South African lawyers who specialise in various relevant areas of law.
ESTABLISHMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF SECTOR INNOVATION FUNDS SIF PHASE 3, Sector Innovation Funds, sector RDI in South Africa Successful modern economies are increasingly being characterised by strong innovation partnerships between government, research institutions and agencies, and the private sector. Furthermore, the need to enable increased investment in, and funding for, research, development and innovation (RDI) is well established. The Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) established the Sector Innovation Fund (SIF) programme in the 2013/14 financial year to advance Industry Innovation Partnerships that contribute to increased competitiveness through RDI. The SIF programme is aimed at incentivizing increased private sector investment into RDI, and has supported industrial sectors that were willing to partner with government (through DSI) to support the industry’s specific RDI needs in a co-funding arrangement. The SIF programme has successfully enabled effective co-funded RDI partnerships between government and the private sector in key strategic sectors of the economy that strengthened economic competitiveness. Following the success of the previous two phases, the DSI is inviting proposals for a third phase of the SIF, as part of a continued broader government effort to support industry competitiveness. New investment by the private sector in RDI is an essential pre-requisite for the creation of a SIF.  A call for proposals is therefore hereby issued to industry associations that may be interested in being part of the SIF programme